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About Us

Statement of Principles

We are dedicated to the improvement of Wilkinsburg, including the restoration of property value and highlighting the assets of Wilkinsburg. We believe that direction for Wilkinsburg’s improvement will come from within the community rather than from outside experts. We respect our elected officials and hold them accountable for leadership, transparency, and implementation.

We believe Wilkinsburg has a future as an independent municipality. We are currently engaged in research and analysis to evaluate our understanding that Wilkinsburg is sustainable as an independent municipality, and we intend to share our research and analysis with the Borough of Wilkinsburg and with the Pittsburgh City Council task force studying possible annexation of Wilkinsburg.

(as adopted February 13, 2022)

If You Believe in Wilkinsburg, Join Us!

We are a group of residents who oppose any annexation of the Borough of Wilkinsburg, a municipality in Allegheny County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are unaffiliated with any organization other than our own; as of December 2021, we are self-funded. We exist to share our perspectives and research. In other words, we want to share information and stories that annexation proponents have not.

We come together with many different reasons we stand for staying independent, but one thing ties it together: We all love our Borough!

If you feel strongly about bettering your neighborhood, understanding its future, holding onto your local culture, and keeping your community independent, and you want to help in our organizing or attending any of our meetings, please add your name and e-mail using the form below.

If we all work together and talk to our neighbors, we can fight against ill-informed annexation proposals.
The annexation is by real estate developers, for real estate developers: it did not come from our community!

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