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Pittsburgh’s Gainey will “take his cues” from Wilkinsburg’s Comans on annexation

Andrew Goldstein writes in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Power Hour co-host Miracle Jones asked the two mayors-elect their thoughts on Pittsburgh’s possible annexation of Wilkinsburg. 

Mr. Comans said he was skeptical of the idea. He said Wilkinsburg had improved its schools and lowered its taxes in recent years.

“I feel like we do have a lot of value,” Mr. Comans said. “I feel like it’s time to give us a chance.”

Mr. Gainey said he would take his cues on annexation from Mr. Comans. He said the people in Wilkinsburg who want to join the city of Pittsburgh need to convince their own mayor before he would even consider it.  

“That’s their ability -— to talk to Mayor Comans and get his support,” Mr. Gainey said. “And if they can’t, then there’s no need to have a conversation.”

Gainey talks priorities, administration, election experience on virtual program via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on November 8, 2021.