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Pro-annexation group appeals to PA Supreme Court

Writes Paula Reed Ward in the Trib:

A group seeking the annexation of Wilkinsburg with the City of Pittsburgh late Monday filed a petition seeking review by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

In it, those advocating for the merger said that two lower courts misinterpreted the law and violated the separation of powers principle in doing so.

“Petitioners seek to provide an opportunity for Wilkinsburg residents to decide for themselves whether it is in their community’s best interest to join the City of Pittsburgh,” they wrote in their court filing. “As a result of the lower court opinions, and the failure to adhere to constitutional principles, they have wrongly been denied that choice.”

The state Supreme Court has discretion whether to take the case.

Wilkinsburgh-Pittsburgh merger group files for state Supreme Court review. TribLive. Tuesday, August 15, 2023.

How much more taxpayer money must the proponents spend on this unpopular effort? They’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to be told every step of the way that annexation under the outdated and unused 1903 annexation laws is not only a bad deal for the vast majority of Wilkinsburg but also not a legitimate process.

We hope that the state Supreme Court will decline the hear the case or uphold the lower courts’ decisions.